Monday, 20 July 2009

Government Dealing Drugs

Most people are cynical of the Government. A large percentage of the working class think that the government feathers its own nests, that the government looks after its own interests, gives job to the boys etc however, most people believe that the Government operates, kind of, within the law as the following verbatim illustrates

“The Government and MP’s are all at it they just all look out for themselves”
“They are robbers and thieves but they operate within the law”

However, recent research with young Bangladeshi Youths in South East London has thrown up some interesting facts, this groups distrust of the government is so strong that they believe the government is dealing drugs as the following quotes illustrate.

“This country is swamped with drugs, it’s cause the government let’s them in”
“The government seizes drugs and re-sells them. The government is the middle man”
“The government sells drugs cause they want to keep people like us in our place”
“The politicians are the countries biggest drug dealers…they are growing fat on the misery of the people”

The crazy thing about this viewpoint is that it was not an isolated view point just coming from one focus group it is in fact much bigger than this – it is a common social myth amongst a very disfranchised minority group.