Friday, 3 April 2009

Small Island mentality

When times are hard we shut our doors to the world and move towards an Island mentality. This is happening now. I have just done some research with working class people and the "Island mentality is definitley back."

The respondents believed the following:

(1) Britain is becoming over-crowded
(2) Overcrowding is associated with economic problems
(3) Belief that immigrants are being given priority
(4) Often there is a belief that immigrants are responsible for crime The Island mentality is not only frightening but has massive implications for marketing
(5) There is a move away from foreign cultures
(6) There is a move away from being open minded
(7) There is a move back to buying British

So in the next few years expect the following:

(1) Much more nationalistic chest beating ads
(2) More companies connecting their the British flag
(3) Immigration becoming a higher priority within the political arena

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