Saturday, 25 April 2009

Banks are all right but bankers are w***ers

Research with working class audiences suggests an interesting dichotomy in terms of the credit crunch.

These people clearly separate Banks from Bankers. In fact banks are seen as being nice, kind, helpful, they are often seen as being the victims of nasty corporate city guys as the following quotes illustrate

"I've always used my bank and they are really nice"

"My banks are great I know Silvia at the cash desk and she is great"

"It is not the banks fault..this crisis is due to them rich bastards"

However, bankers are seen to be b****s they are blamed for the credit crunch- and not many people make the connection that they work for the banks.

"Bankers are bastards...they have ripped off this country due to their greed"

"It's bankers in the city that have caused this mess"

These facts have big implications on how banks present themselves. Positioning themselves as nice, kind and helpful still seems to be the right approach.

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