Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cocaine and the Lynx effect

Young guys love Lynx/Axe. Lynx is seen as being an enhancer to their ability to pull women. Guy's are motivated by the fact that Lynx = seduction. Seduction is good because if you can seduce then you can potentially get a shag.

Cocaine for some young guys can often fulfil a similar role. Cocaine is seen as being a tool of seduction. It is often used to pull women as the following quotes illustrate

"Some girls love Coke, you tell them you got some powder and your in"

"Coke is like a bargaining a girl a line and your sorted"

"You know at the end of the night some girls will be pissed and begging for a line up..that's when you have got them"

These guys believe that cocaine can be used as a seducer in order to pull the fit women.

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