Saturday, 25 April 2009

Where have all the women gone?

I have recently done some research with working class youths. One of the things that struck me is the fact that you always get big groups of guys hanging out on the street corner but no girls. I wanted to find out the answer to this so I investigated their hangouts.
Their hangouts seem to be as follows:

(1) Until the age of thirteen both boys and girls hang out on estates, where they can be closely watched by their parents.

(2) From the ages of thirteen, both boys and girls hang out in the parks, where they have their own space are rarely bothered and can do their own thing like drink and smoke spliffs.

(3) From the ages of sixteen, girls get picked up by the older boys and end up in clubs and pubs whilst the boys who can't get in the clubs hang around the streets. Which is why you get large groups of boys hanging out on street coroners.

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