Monday, 6 April 2009

Heroin not chic

I recently had an interesting debate with another planner. They were trying to convince me that heroin is chic. To a point they are right - certain musicians/bands and models have raised the profile of heroin and made it appear more glamorous. However, to kids on estates heroin is not seen as cool - and the main reason for this is that they are observe on a daily basis the damage that heroin does to others.

My point is illustrated by some research conducted by Leithal Thinking with kid's on estates.

"Every day I see smack heads outside my window they are dirty and scummy"

"I'm thirteen and I was offered sex by a hoe who is on the brown. I could have had a shag, but I was worried about disease."

"You always get kid's on the brown begging to lend me a pound"

"They always try and sell me a DVD or something they have just nicked"

"Smack heads they really are the lowest of the low"

As you can see, for these guys and girls heroin is really not on their radar. Why? Because they see the destruction that this drug causes to people on their estates on a daily basis.

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